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Two-Michelin Star Chef Dani García Reveals Inspiration Behind Gastronomic Success

Two-Michelin Star Chef Dani García Reveals Inspiration Behind Gastronomic Success

Hashtag Spain Magazine recently had the honor to interview two-Michelin star chef Dani García in Marbella.

From his original inspiration to the key ingredients of his cooking, this young but high-profile Andalusian chef tells us about his professional path as well as the vision behind his latest projects, Atelier and Lobito de Mar in Marbella.

Hashtag Spain: What influenced you to become a chef?

Dani García: I would say it’s a family thing, what I have seen in my house all my life. Even though nobody was professionally dedicated to this, the influence of my mother, as well of my father’s involvement in the kitchen probably made me consider dedicating myself professionally to become a chef.

Hashtag Spain: How has the restaurant scene evolved in Spain and worldwide since you started?

Dani García: Nowadays it has nothing to do to with how it was when I started. It has changed radically for lots of philosophical reasons and conceptually since Ferran Adria appeared. From this point in time, the chef started to ask about the “why” of things and not just doing them based in intuition. The second boom was with television which completely changed what a cook is to people out there. When I started out as a cook it was strange, today every body wants to be one.

Dani Garcia

Hashtag Spain: How would you describe your style of cooking?

Dani García: Since 20 years we have a very defined style. Naturally and natively we choose local products and techniques. On the other hand, growing, cutting-hedge techniques, my experience, all of this inside a shaker is my kitchen.

Hashtag Spain: Do you have a favourite ingredient?

Dani García: Yes, there are things in my kitchen that are very local, which I adore, and which I would give up being a chef if they wouldn’t exist anymore, like for example the tomatoe and the olive oil.

Hashtag Spain: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Dani García: My inspiration is everything that happens around although many times it comes forced looking, reading, being curious, travelling and brainstorming the mind to continue creating.

Hashtag Spain: We have heard about Atelier and the Lobito del Mar; what can you share with our readers about these new projects?

Dani García: The Atelier is our office and the creative heart of the company. It’s a project that we have open and that we want to continue developing and taking advantage of the opportunity to have this kind of space. Lobito de Mar, is probably the most complicated concept that we ever created. Basically because its traditional and all the world makes a reference to this. We have a lot on the line with this and I like to do it right. It’s a less creative project and what we want is to give freshness to the traditional idea of a ‘chiringuito’. We search for fresh products and we want to give a creative touch to what is traditional.

Hashtag Spain: Any advice you would give to someone wanting to become a chef?

Dani García: Never to lose faith in one self. It is a very hard profession with many ups and downs. Therefore, the most import thing is not to lose the faith in one self.

Hashtag Spain: Thank you for your time and best wishes for your new ventures.