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Paris Hilton At The Best Clubs In Spain This Summer

Paris Hilton

The socialite, model, singer, TV celebrity and heiress to multi-billion dollar hotel fortune turned DJ, Paris Hilton will be turning the tables this summer at some of the best clubs in Spain.

Paris Hilton
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On August 8th Paris hosted her Foam & Diamonds party at the opening of L’Atlantida in Barcelona.

On August 12th Paris hosted the Foam and Diamonds party at mega club Amnesia in Ibiza, here’s the session on video:

On August 18th Paris Hilton will DJ in super elite club Olivia Valere in the jetset haven of Marbella in southern Spain.

Olivia Valere Marbella
Olivia Valere is one of the most exclusive clubs in Marbella, with royalty and celebrities visiting every summer.