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Sinergias is the brand name created by three great chefs and good friends, with the aim of giving expression to the flavours of their youth, home cooking, and the traditional recipes of their respective regions in Spain. The venue is a tribute to home-made stews, market and grocery produce and the age-old tapas. This homage comes from chefs who have real mastery and the ability to interpret dishes with care and patience. This is exactly what they do with the creative cooking in their restaurants using avant-garde techniques.

At Sinergias we want to tribute to home-made stews, market and grocery produce and traditional cuisine made with care and patience – Paco Roncero.

Michelin Star Cooks at Sinergias Platea Madrid: Paco Roncero, Marcos Morán and Pepe Solla
Michelin Star Cooks at Sinergias Platea Madrid: Marcos Morán, Paco Roncero and Pepe Solla.

The synergy between Paco Roncero, Marcos Morán and Pepe Solla manifests itself in Platea in the form of five different spaces that together represent the chefs’ view of Spanish gastronomic diversity. Each space represents what is suggested by its name. So, in As Bateas there is a large range of seafood with octopus, caviar, oysters, prawns, mussels and other shellfish, served naturally or prepared as part of different recipes. El Castizo es el más cañí, has a selection of food including various types of croquettes, fried potatoes with spicy tomato or garlic sauce, a classic Spanish tortilla recipe with mincemeat or vegetables. There is also a fried food section offering anchovies with lemon, honey glazed aubergines and crunchy artichokes, amongst other things. The A Mordiscos restaurant is dedicated to finger food culture, and includes skewers, toasted sandwiches, delicious Galician pies and baguettes ranging from the classic Madrid fried squid choice, an original sandwich recipe with gin and tonic infused chicken or a marinated streaky bacon sandwich on Chinese bread.

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Entrecortes offers a single menu revolving around the best meat with a varied choice ranging from fried wings or roasted ribs for sharing, a large selection of hamburgers (veal tail, lamb with caramelised onions or tuna and mayonnaise). There are also gourmet hotdogs, including one with black pudding from Burgos, one with chistorra, and another with pork sausage and lightly fried onions. Lastly, De Cuchara is like returning to your mother’s home cooking, with healthy vegetables and tasty stews, the “rancho” and the “chup chup”. It is particularly worth mentioning the Asturian fabada, the spinach and cod stew, the creamy Galician broth, the Madrid style tripe and the ratatouille with egg. These are dishes that allow you to glimpse the particular styles of each of the three chefs.

Through these spaces we want to reach a wider audience. It is an opportunity for tourists that visit Madrid know the diversity of Spanish cuisine – Pepe Solla

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However, Sinergias is not about three different kitchens united under the same brand. It is the result of “enriching” collaborative work between the three chefs; long hours spent debating new ideas; revealing the kind of secret recipes that are passed down from mothers to their children and combining three different visions into a single shared passion: respecting produce and the duty to “serve great food”.

Sinergias can enjoy those secret recipes passed from mothers to children both in a modern space as Plataea at home thanks to our take away service – Marcos Morán

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If you are in Madrid, head down to C/ Goya, 5-7 and enjoy something very tasty.

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