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Functional, Urban, Sustainable, Technological And Open To The City: The Hat, A New Concept Hotel In Madrid

The Hat Hotel Madrid, Bar

The Hat Hotel Madrid, Terrace Bar

The opening of The Hat heralds a new concept of hotel in Madrid, which combines the quality and services of the best hotels with the perks of a hostel. Functional, urban, sustainable, technological and open to the city, are the traits that make up the DNA of this groundbreaking space, with a privileged location in a nineteenth century mansion between Sol and Latina.

The Hat Hotel Madrid, Suite

The Hat has 220 beds divided throughout 42 functional and retro-chic designed rooms, a gastro bar in the reception, a room for cultural events in the basement and a roof top bar with a sun terrace. A dynamic space designed as a meeting point for smart travellers and Madrid’s residents through temporary exhibitions, open-air barbeques, and DJ sessions, among other leisure activities

The Hat Hotel Madrid, Rooms

The Hat is a groundbreaking project for accommodation, the brainchild of a group of young professionals from Madrid originating from different sectors such as marketing, finance and engineering. Inspired by their travels throughout the world, they have created a space in their city founded on the luxury of small things and specifically designed for “the mature traveller who does not measure their travels by the size of their room, but by their experiences and the people they meet.”

The Hat Hotel Madrid, Room

The result is The Hat, a new concept in lodging, located in the most authentic part of Madrid in a nineteenth century mansion, with a modern design, urban and sustainable, boasting hotel services and common areas open to the Madrid public. In short, The Hat offers the quality and service of a hotel, but with the atmosphere and unique experience of a hostel.

The Hat Hotel Madrid, Rooftop Terrace


The Hat is designed for socialising. This is why its reception area is not like any other hostel, but is planned as a gastro bar with the bar as the main hub and with tables and high stools where a drink and snack can be enjoyed at any time. A good place to start before going down to ‘The Cave,’ a multifunctional space located in the basement, which is open to the Madrid public for cultural and leisure activities such as art exhibitions, language exchange, acoustic gigs and DJ sessions. Breakfast is also served there every morning for the guests.

The Hat Hotel Madrid, Lobby

And from the basement to the loft: another hub for socialising. Its sun terrace, exclusive to clients, come evening time becomes one of the most animated and rogue roof top bars in the capital. A unique space where on weekends it is also open to the city with open-air barbeques and paella show cooking for Sunday breakfast. Two gastronomic and entertainment options on offer that will serve as a fun meeting point for Madrid residents and smart travellers who stay at the hotel.

The Hat Hotel Madrid, Garden


In The Hat “you have the possibility of hostel or hotel style accommodation.” All the rooms are designed differently with 2.5 metre high beds, accessible by stairs. Among its rooms, there can be found variation from the unconventional Suite Too Much with a double bed, private bathroom and smart TV ideal for couples or the Family Bedroom with a double bed and two bunkbeds, perfect for travelling with the little ones, to shared dormitories (of 4, 6, 8 and 10 beds) for the more adventurous. In total 42 rooms and 220 beds, equipped with wardrobes and the majority with a private bathroom.

The Hat Hotel Madrid, The Cave


Behind the façade of this nineteenth century mansion, completely refurbished by the architect firm Jesús Manzanares, The Hat opts for a cosmopolitan and organic decoration with an eclectic touch from Aaprile interior design. This is achieved thanks to the pine furniture designed and made ad hoc in a small furniture factory in the vicinity of San Pablo de Los Montes (Toledo), which cohabits in perfect harmony with antique wrought iron columns, vintage decorative elements such as a large red trunk and plants that bring the space to life. All of this sprinkled with small daring touches such as the chain of plant pots that hang by the bedrooms in the inner courtyard in the style of a vertical garden or the huge windmill wheel that presides in the loft. Undoubtedly the decoration will not leave you indifferent. Yembara, the illustrator, who has also contributed, has been in charge of making all of the hotel’s signage by hand and the different murals painted on its walls such as the one in the hall that recites the motto: “Wherever I Lay My Hat That’s My Home.”

The Hat Hotel Madrid


The Hat is not content with merely having an environmentally friendly design, eliminating all forms of plastic utensils and using decorative recycled elements such as the wrought iron columns or an old windmill. It goes beyond sustainable design: The Hat is the city’s first hotel that uses biomass from olive stones as an energy source for hot water, that favours complete LED lighting and reuses water to irrigate a small garden in its loft.

The Hat Hotel Madrid, Bar


The Hat is much more than a hostel where you go to sleep. New hotel services have been invented such as the ‘Night Life Concierge,’ an expert concierge in nightlife who is in charge of devising plans according to the client’s tastes on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. With their clients in mind, there is a strong emphasis on technology. This is why The Hat doesn’t just have WIFI, but free Dual Wifi with 28 channels at each access point. It uses NFC technology, which means that rooms can be opened with a mobile phone by using your own mobile app, making keys obsolete. All of this, without forgetting other services such as free breakfast, bike hire and tablets for visiting the city. Because as the creators say, “the best way of getting to know a city is by meeting its residents.”

The Hat Hotel Madrid, Dorms

For reservations, call The Hat on (+34) 917728572.