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Club Maritimo, a Small Luxury Hotel That You Must Put on Your Bucket List

Club Maritimo, a Small Luxury Hotel That You Must Put on Your Bucket List

We recently had the opportunity to meet Christine from the Hotel Club Maritimo, a small luxury hotel in Sotogrande, southern Spain.

Diana: If a client calls without knowing anything about Club Maritimo Sotogrande, how would you describe it?

Christine: The Hotel has a unique location directly in the port of Sotogrande. All the luxury rooms and the Breakfast terrace overlook either the Marina or the Mediterranean Sea. The Hotel was designed by Pascua Ortega, one of Spain’s most famous designers. The has some of the best Golf courses in Europe in not more than 5 minutes drive. The beaches and beach Clubs of Sotogrande are out of this world, with the Trocadero beach club a one-of-a-kind. Sotograde is also known as the Mecca of international Polo, with a huge tournament in the summer. But there is also so much more. Sotogrande has excellent conditions for sailing and other water sports. The Port offer a wide variety of very good restaurants and bars; there is something for everybody here.

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D: Why was the hotel chosen as part of SLH?

C: We were looking to get better known internationally, since the hotel has always been very well known nationally. SLH is one of the most renowned luxury hotel collections, with more than 520 small independent hotels as members. Being part of SLH gives us good promotion and helps us to be on the map. SLH does not just accept any hotel to enter their affiliation so clients know that they will get the best when booking a SLH member hotel.

SLH is one of the most renowned luxury hotel collections, with more than 520 small independent hotels as members.

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D: We can see that TripAdvisor has certified the hotel with ‘excellent’ this year 2015. How did you achieve this award? How did this award help in promoting the hotel?

C: Yes that is true. A lot of travelers like to check TripAdvisor before booking since the comments of the clients are very genuine. The reason for this award was the overall comfort that the clients experienced during their stay. The service and staff attention is very friendly, the maintenance is very good, the cleanliness of the rooms valued and the the great breakfast buffet we are offering, simply delicious. The clients feel at home from the moment they enter the hotel.

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D: Tell us more about the facilities and services that the 4 star Hotel has to offer to its clientele.

C: The hotel has 41 stylish and big units including 8 two bedroom suites, 1 beauty therapy room offering high quality massages, facials, pedicures and Manicures. We also have a TV room with a very large screen which can also be converted into a meeting room, 1 games room and a very nice restaurant connected to the hotel.

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D: What type of customers does the Club Maritimo hotel target?

C: Throughout the year we attract international golfers, the Polo players or families for beach holidays. During the month of August the hotel is highly frequented by the national market as Sotogrande is known for its luxury and great leisure activities.

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D: How does the Hotel promote itself and how does it use the social media platforms?

C: We promote ourselves with special offers, mailings and attendance of travel showcases from Small Luxury Hotels of the World. We use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter among others to promote our special offers and inform about the happenings at the hotel and in the area of Sotogrande.

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D: The Hotel has recently been renovated and decorated by a designer. Could we have more details?

C: The designer of the Hotel was Pascua Ortega from Barcelona. He won several awards for his stylish decoration and his own signature style. Often you hear a client entering the hotel saying “Oh, this hotel must have been decorated by Pascua Ortega”!

D: Thank you for your time and for showing me around this beautiful hotel.

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For reservations, call Hotel Club Maritimo de Sotogrande on (+34) 956790200 or make a reservation online.